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  • Name
  • observation lounge: Crow's Nest (all ships) / Jazz club: High Notes (Voyager), Dizzy's (Explorer), Blue Moon (Adventure), Cosmopolitan Club (Navigator), Ellington's (Mariner)
  • Location
  • Deck 14 (Viking Crown)
  • Purpose
  • Crow's Nest is an observation deck which provides the most mind-blowing views onboard, especially when the ships enter or leave a port. It is the equivalent of the traditional Viking Crown Lounges. It surrounds a large jazz club, where guests can enjoy cool music shows at night.
  • Capacity
  • 97 seats (observation lounge) + 96 seats (Jazz club) = 193 seats
  • D├ęcor
  • the observation deck and the jazz club, no matter what ship, have the same decoration theme. After all, Crow's Nest can be considered as an extension of the jazz club, since it is a mere seating area. The overall atmosphere is evocative of Jazz music.
  • Notes
  • on the previous Royal Caribbean ships, the tradition was to have a large lounge surrounding the funnel, which used to be called the Viking Crown Lounge, and was used as an observation deck during the day and as a night club at night. Once again, the Voyager-class never-seen-before dimensions broke the custom. The Viking Crown is the name of the whole deck, which is still surrounding the funnel. But the lounge itself disappeared. It was replaced by several lounges: the ones you've just read about, the golf bar 19th Hole, the card room Seven Hearts and the cocktail lounge Cloud Nine. The night club was moved down to deck 3.
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