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  • Name
  • Royal Promenade
  • Location
  • Deck 5 - Deck 6 - Deck 7 - Deck 8
  • Purpose
  • the Royal Promenade links the forward and aft Centrums. It was the first horizontal atrium on a cruise ship when introduced, and remains the most famous landmark feature of the Voyager class of ships. Though it was really hard to implement from a technical viewpoint, Royal Caribbean achieved to design and build this amazing 120-meter (or 394-feet)-long gallery, on which one can find various bars, shops, restaurants, the guests relations desk and even a gaming arcade (on the earliest ships) The Promenade works just like a street: all day long, you can either care to have a drink, go shopping, or enjoy the street performers' shows — don't miss the various parades organized at night! And just like any street, it tends to encourage people-watching, made possible by the 138 overlooking cabins.
  • Décor
  • the decoration of the Promenade itself is almost identical on every sistership. It looks like a Londonian Victorian street (it is supposed to have been inspired by the Burlington Arcade). Its lighting mimics that of daylight.
  • Notes
  • the Royal Promenade is both an astounding cruise-ship feature and a technical wonder. When it was unveiled on Voyager in 1999, it wrote a new chapter in the history of naval architecture.
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