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  • Name
  • Café Promenade
  • Location
  • Deck 5 (Royal Promenade)
  • Purpose
  • fast-food restaurant serving continental breakfast, (delicious) cookies and specialty coffees from Seattle's Best Coffee. Pizzas and sandwiches are available all day. On Navigator, a little portion of the bar was dedicated to the upscale ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's. It was so successful that a similar bar was installed on all four of the remaining Voyager-class ships. Free ice cream is also available at the neighboring Sprinkles parlor.
  • Capacity
  • 110 seats
  • D├ęcor
  • an old-fashioned snack restaurant on Voyager, a french "bistrot" on Explorer and an elegant, early 20th century cafe on Adventure, Navigator and Mariner.
  • Notes
  • a Royal Caribbean standard
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