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  • Name
  • The Vault (Voyager), The Chamber (Explorer), Jester's (Adventure), The Dungeon (Navigator), Dragon's Lair (Mariner)
  • Location
  • Deck 3 - Deck 4
  • Capacity
  • 240 seats
  • D├ęcor
  • on Voyager: futuristic; on Explorer, Adventure, Navigator & Mariner: medieval
  • Notes
  • the night clubs of the Voyager class are quite large. They are 2-decks high, and each feature two bars (one per level). On Voyager, the dance floor is surrounded by a cylindric wall, which is itself traversed by a gangway on the upper level, but this idea has been abandoned on her sisterships, despite its great noise-lowering function. The medieval decor of Explorer's The Chamber was so popular that it was used again on all her next sisters.
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