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  • Name
  • Jay Pritzker Library on Voyager; just Library on the other ships
  • Location
  • Deck 7
  • Capacity
  • 42 seats together with Royal Caribbean Online
  • D├ęcor
  • they all look like each other, but they are not identical. The main differences are: the staircase in Voyager's library, which has been deleted from the other designs (see below); and the sculpture on Navigator.
  • Notes
  • on Voyager, the Library is dedicated to one of the greatest men in the history of the company, Jay Pritzker, who had just passed away when the ship was launched. He had protected RCCL against the agression of Carnival Cruises. The layout of the Library has been reviewed on Explorer and the following sisterships. First, the stairs were removed. Secondly, on Voyager, the Library is two-deck high, and the computers are scattered on both levels while being surrounded by books. On her sisterships, the computer area on deck 8 does not belong to the library anymore. It is an independent entity called Royal Caribbean Online, where you won't find any books (but more computers).
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