Dear visitor,

This website is a labor a love that I started working on at age 13 in 2000. At the time, Voyager and Explorer of the Seas were the only two Voyager-class ships and the largest in the world. And the internet was a very different place...

The last time I updated the website significantly was 2011. The latest ship in the Voyager-class series, Mariner of the Seas, had already turned 8. I thought it would be the last time I touched the website's code, since my interests and my career had turned me to other interests.

But of course nothing is ever permanent in this world. Both the advent of "the mobile Internet" i.e. not using an old-school desktop computer to access the web, and even the Voyager-class ships themselves, have changed the status quo since then.

As I write this, it's 2018:

All of those facts made the website less relevant, but still of some interest by its exhaustivity. Unfortunately, in the Summer of 2017, something else happened that irreversibly changed the value that it can bring to its visitors. Photobucket, the decade-old photo hosting provider that I used to host all of the website's images, stopped serving images embedded on third-party websites for free. You can read about this disaster here or here for example.

As a result, all of the website's photos can no longer be enlarged - you will be getting an "Upgrade your account" image from Photobucket instead. This is a real shame to the website, since 90% of its value came from its complete picture collection amassed over years and years.

There are still visitors to this outdated website — mostly coming from old forums that link to it, as well as my still high-ranking on the "voyager class" search query. For them, there can still be some value in smaller pictures and the text that this website offers. So I am leaving the website open for them. But I won't be investing the time that it'd take to fix it and put these photos back online.


Romain, your webmaster.